Video: MES Training for Integrators: OEE

Inductive Automation: Inductive University: One of the biggest areas of growth for integrators today is working with manufacturing execution systems (MES). To take advantage of this opportunity it's essential for integrators to improve their MES skills. In this webinar, MES expert Tom Hechtman will discuss one of the most demanded MES solutions - overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) systems. The webinar will cover the best approach for integrators to win more OEE jobs and successfully integrate more OEE solutions. What you'll learn: - The true ROI of an effective OEE system - How to demo and sell an OEE solution - Tips for implementing a successful OEE system - Considerations when estimating OEE solutions Attendees to the webinar will receive access to a resource video library with more than 40 videos about how to implement the Ignition OEE Downtime Module. If you're an integrator don't miss out on this important webinar, sign up today! If you have a question about this subject ask it below and we'll answer it at the webinar.

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