Ver videos: Checker Vision Sensors

Checker vision sensors have built in camera, processor, lighting, optics, and I/O capable of detecting and inspecting 6,000 parts per minute.

Video: Checker Vision Sensor Checks Mr Potato Head for Eyes

Bob Tremblay, Vision Sensors Marketing Manager, demonstrates how a Checker® vision sensor performs a simple presence/absence inspection on a production line of popular children's toys. Visit to learn about all the presence, position, and measurement tools available in the Checker 4G series of vision sensors.

Video: Introduction to Checker Vision Sensors

Checker vision sensors offer an easy and affordable way to error-proof your manufacturing process. This all-in-one system can do much more than traditional photoelectric sensors. Watch and learn.

Video: High speed label inspection with a Checker vision sensor

In this demonstration, a Checker® vision sensor performs high-speed label inspections on deodorant sticks. First, the vision sensor detects the deodorant stick, then it checks for the presence of two labels. As the speed increases the vision sensor continues to deliver 100% accuracy, even at rates of 1,500 parts per minute.

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