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Video: PULS Impressionen

Wir sind DIN-Schienen-Stromversorgungsspezialist mit höchsten Qualitätsstandards. Unsere Produkte setzen technologisch den Maßstab.

Video: Evert Gys, Interview about PULS and DIN-Rail Power Supplies

Evert Gys, MD Elipse Belgium talks about PULS

Video: Matt Biskner, MD PULS US about PULS

PULS manufactures DIN-rail switched-mode power supplies, with a focus on standard units.

Video: PULS Company Video

PULS manufactures DIN-rail switched-mode power supplies with a high efficiency, long lifetime and the smallest footprint.

Video: The Heart of PULS (with English subtitles)

The Heart of Puls - video with English subtitles: Welcome to our new working environment or as we like to call it – the new heart of PULS! Experience how PULS, a medium-sized company in electrical engineering, has managed to create an inspiring and innovative working environment.


The PULS Chain of Trust as presented in the annual PULS Sales Meeting 2015 at the beautiful Tegernsee conference site. We thank everybody involved in the making!

Video: Markt&Technik Employer Pitch 2018: Puls GmbH

Passen Sie zur Puls GmbH? Die Highlights der Power-Schmiede aus München in 60 Sekunden. Alles zum Markt&Technik Employer Pitch:

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