Ver videos: EtherWAN Product Demonstrations


Video: EtherWAN_PD1041 Surge Protector Performance Test

This video demonstrates a surge protection test on PD1041. EtherWAN’s PD1041 Hardened Surge Protection Device is designed to protect your EtherWAN Switch investment; however any Ethernet network device can be protected from dangerous electrical surges. Designed for harsh environments, the PD1041 can be placed where you need it to protect your valuable network equipment.

Video: Power over Link Demonstration - Get Power and Data Right on Ethernet Extension Link

Power over Link demonstration with a 200-meter phone wire and EtherWAN's ED3538 Hardened 10/100BASE-TX PoL/PoE Ethernet Extender, to deliver both power and data up to 1.2 kilometers away.

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