Ver videos: DS1000 3D Laser Profilers


Video: DS1000 3D Sensor for the Automotive Industry

3D laser profiling automotive applications include: reading embossed or raised characters on tires, inspecting for flush and gap tolerances and identifying surface defects and chips on brake pads, to name a few.

Video: DS1000 3D Sensor for the Electronics Industry

For the electronics industry, 3D laser profiling applications include: verifying the presence of components on a PCB as well as measuring their heights releative to the board or verifying height measurements to help detect missing or misaligned substrates, to name a few.

Video: DS1000 3D Sensor for the Food and Beverage Industries

3D laser profiling food and beverage manufacturing applications include: identifying improperly filled packages by verifying object heights, detecting defects like skewed caps, and measuring volume and dimensions to verify portion size, to name a few.

Video: DS1100 OCR Automotive Tire DOT Inspection

Bob Tremblay, Product Marketing Manager, demonstrates how the DS1100 3D displacement sensor reads raised/embossed DOT characters on an automotive tire. Visit to learn more about how the DS1000 uses laser triangulation technology to capture topographical information like this OCR application from whatever surface it's scanning.

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