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10-Gigabit Ethernet in Embedded Space

Start with a brief review on implementing Gigabit Ethernet in embedded applications. Then see how we take it one step further with XMC 10-Gigabit Ethernet interface modules with SFP+ or XAUI.

Isolated Transmitters - TT Series

Learn the basics of the TT Series thin isolated transmitters. Start with a brief introduction and the dive deeper into applications.

AcroPacks: MIL/Rugged mPCIe-based I/O Modules

Ver videos: AcroPacks: MIL/Rugged mPCIe-based I/O Modules - 1 Videos The AcroPack product line updates our popular Industry Pack I/O modules by using the mPCIe interface format. We added 19mm and a 100-pin connector to provide up to 50 isolated rear I/O signals, giving you a tremendous amount of capability on an Extremely Small Footprint - Without Cabling!

AcroPacks by Acromag

Ver videos: AcroPacks by Acromag - 22 Videos

Get more details on the Acromag AcroPacks here:

Acromag SP Series

Ver videos: Acromag SP Series - 4 Videos

Learn more about Acromag's SP Series here:

Acromag DT Series

Ver videos: Acromag DT Series - 5 Videos

Learn more about Acromag's DT Series here:

Ver videos: FPGA Computing Solutions - 9 Videos

Learn more about how Acromag's FPGA computing solutions can help you with your embedded application needs.

Ver videos: Ethernet I/O with PriorityChannel - 2 Videos

Watch for a brief introduction to Acromag's new BusWorks XT Ethernet I/O series and continue with applications that take advantage of the PriorityChannel technology.

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