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Our new Customer Experience Lab is now open! Learn network best practices, train employees with tailored courses, and make educated buying decisions with hands-on access to mock traffic intersections, stoplights, TMCs, and more. Contact us to learn how you and your team can visit the lab and see what types of technology can (and should) make it into your network of the future. Visit us at Follow Us on Social Media:

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EtherWAN has your back for all your network needs. To learn more, visit: With FREE in-person and online training, EtherWAN continues to bring networking professionals the support they deserve. Don't forget to like, follow, and subscribe! Check out our other social media: Facebook - Twitter - LinkedIn -

Video: 52-Port EtherWAN EX26484, Built for IP Security Networks!

Built for IP security and building automation networks, EtherWAN's EX26484 offers 48 gigabit PoE+ ports and 4 10-gigabit SFP+ ports all in a compact 1U form factor, making it the perfect switch for connecting a variety of PoE devices to the network. Backed by a total power budget of 740 watts and EtherWAN's extensive managed features, the switch is designed to provide reliable network connectivity for a multitude of devices all in a single package. Check out more info here: For other great products, visit us at Don't forget to LIKE and FOLLOW our socials so you never miss out:

Video: INFOMERCIAL - EtherWAN EX26484, Built for IP Security Networks

Are YOU tired of all the inconveniences that are stopping you from growing your network? Introducing the EX26484, a perfect 52-port switch that can accommodate various PoE devices such as IP cameras, access control, PoE lights, and more. To know more about this device, visit us at Follow Us on Social Media:

Video: EtherWAN EG97000 Industrial Gigabit Layer 3 Fiber Switch

Offering the latest for intelligent transportation systems, water management networks, and security installations EtherWAN's EG97000 is built to support medium-scale networks with a 10 gigabit backbone with multiple SFP connections for fiber, providing flexibility along with for speed and reliability. Visit our website for full product specs and learn how the EG97000 can integrate into your network. Visit us at Follow Us on Social Media:

Video: EtherWAN's Support Experience || EtherWAN Systems, Inc.

As your proud partner, EtherWAN provides complimentary tech support to ensure that your network remains stable and secure. Whether you need high-level consulting or on-site assistance, our dedicated network engineers keep your project on track with personalized support from beginning through implementation. We're just one call away! Visit us at Follow Us on Social Media:

Video: What is a Hardened Product?

It's getting hot (and cold) in here! In this demonstration, EtherWAN Network Engineer, Shub Gupta, shows how our hardened grade products maintain reliable operation in non-temperature controlled environments. EtherWAN's purpose-built hardened products are designed to withstand vibration, electromagnetic interference, and temperatures ranging from -40°F to 165°F. Products equipped with our hardened specifications allow you to install where you couldn't before, whether this is a poorly-ventilated attic or a traffic cabinet subject to harsh winter conditions. We are so confident in our hardened products that we offer a comprehensive lifetime warranty with registration. For more information about our hardened-grade products visit: Visit us at Follow Us on Social Media:

Video: EASYLINK - It's Really That Easy!

Featuring EtherWAN's newest EasyLink! Create wireless links within your network with ease! Setting up wireless bridges has never been this easy. Get yours for your network while supplies last! For more info, visit:

Video: EtherWAN's Intro to ITS Networking Class in Dublin, California

May 21st, 2019 EtherWAN is taking our training classes over the air, this time in Dublin, California! Visit us at Follow Us on Social Media:


EtherWAN's new Customer Experience Lab is one of the tools helping cities navigate the pitfalls. Offering the latest in intelligent transportation systems, network best practices and forward-thinking technology. The Customer Experience Lab located at EtherWAN's Anaheim, California Headquarters, is now open. Visit us at Follow Us on Social Media:

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