Ver videos: Módulos caídas tensión y regenerativos para variadores - Bonitron

Videos Modulos caídas tensión y regenerativos para variadores - Bonitron

Video: M3645 Line Regen Product Demo

The M3645 Line Regen is the latest release of Digital Line Regeneration Braking solutions from Bonitron. The M3645 Series replaces the legendary M3345 Series, but continues its legacy with additional features, simplicity, and reliability. When variable speed drive systems are braking, they generate power that must be dissipated. If the excess energy is not dissipated, the drive system can lose control of the process due to an overvoltage trip, or must extend the braking time to keep from overpowering the drive. There are two common methods of dissipating excess energy. The traditional method involves a resistor, but resistors take up a significant amount of space and produce an abundance of heat, making them impractical to integrate into a drive cabinet. The better solution for most applications is the M3645 Digital Line Regen. Instead of dissipating the excess energy as heat in a resistor, the M3645 returns this energy to the power grid efficiently, with minimal heat loss, allowing the entire braking system to be installed in the drive cabinet. This reduces installation footprint and facility cooling costs. The M3645 offers an interactive digital display that allows quick access to current, voltage, status logs, and energy monitoring data. Website Social Media Facebook: LinkedIn: Twitter:

Video: Bonitron NEMA 1 Sag RideThru

Here is a demonstration of our M3460R NEMA 1 Sag RideThru. Bonitron’s M3460 ride-thru voltage regulators provide protection from power quality events for variable frequency drives (VFDs) that use a fixed rectifier and DC bus. The M3460R provides sag protection for up to 2 seconds at 50% line sag on all 3 phases. It can also provide protection from short term full outages of up to 2 seconds with the addition of storage systems, such as capacitors. Documents Brochure: User Manual: Website Social Media Facebook: LinkedIn: Twitter:

Video: Bonitron RideThru Demo

We are demonstrating how to run a test on a Bonitron UPD Cabinet. Going through the possible ways you can test it. Some features on cabinet are for test purposes only.

Video: M3628ACF Automatic Capacitor Former

Today we are bringing you a procedural video for the new M3628ACF Automatic Capacitor Former.

Video: M3660REM Regenerative Energy Monitor

We are bringing you today, a procedural process video of our new product. The M3660REM Regenerative Energy Monitor. The M3660REM Regenerative Energy Monitor is designed to monitor the voltage and current of the resistor to calculate the total energy dissipated across the resistor. For more information on this product, visit the product page:

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