Video: Omron NJ Series Industrial Machine Controller - COOL GADGET!

Omron NJ-Series Industrial Machine Controller combines Motion, Vision and Controls capabilities in one product, eliminating the need for separate components. A breakthrough product for industrial machine control and a really Cool Gadget. Brief demonstration. Here to talk to you today about the Omron NJ series machine automation controller. This thing is awesome! It has vision, motion, and logic control all in one. Ok, used to be you’d have a machine, you have a PLC, vision system, a few axis of motion, along with the motion controller, the trouble was integrating that all together. You had to get the vision system to talk to the PLC, the PLC to talk to the motion controller, on top of that you had separate software all trying to integrate together. Omron has hit it out of the park with this. What they’ve done is they integrated all of that into one unit; everything is done with one software package inside of one controller. To give you an example of an application that we’ve worked on with this, we had cookies coming down a conveyor randomly placed. We need something so we used vision system to capture the coordinates, we then used the motion side of it to go out and pick the cookies up, and the logic was involved in picking them up and placing them in a package. Let’s start with the network connections on the front of the NJ here; you’ve got Ethernet/IP which is standard industrial protocol Ethernet. You connect to your touch screens, factory network, laptop if you need to do some programming. Then we get down to etherCAT which is an extremely, high speed, digital, communications BUS. Let’s follow this cable here, we’ll look at some examples of what you can do, follow it down you can see that it goes into an I/O module. So you’ve got high speed, digital I/O. From there we follow, were going over here into an etherCAT switch. From there we are going out into 2 separate servo drives. The way this is different from other PLCs on the market is your motion controller is inside of your controller basically. On anything else you have to put a motion controller card on the side which is quite expensive and very limited, and what this can do all very high speed through the etherCAT. EtherCat is extremely fast, were look at scan time of around 100 milliseconds with less than 1 millisecond of jitter. If you have the need for a PLC, type motion control, incorporating a vision system the Omron NJ series is the way to go. Give us a call here at Innovative IDM, any questions you have we can point you in the right direction. After all we are home of the legendary customer experience.

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