Video: BLUE Open Studio Tutorial #11: ODBC Communication

Chapter 1 - ODBC Communication Explanation 00:31 Chapter 2 - ODBC Worksheet Configuration (Excel) 02:09 Chapter 3 - MS Access DBE Redistributable Installation 10:59 Chapter 4 - ODBC Data Source Administrator Configuration 12:46 Chapter 5 - ODBC Communication Demonstration 15:00 ================================================= BLUE Open Studio Product Page | Pro-face America: BLUE Open Studio Software Download | Pro-face America: BOS Tutorial - ODBC Communication Applications: Starting Application - Completed Application - BOS Training Files: Open Database Connectivity (ODBC): Data Source Name (DSN): Microsoft Access Database Engine 2016 Redistributable Download: No ODBC Drivers Available for Excel or Access in Windows 7: Unable to create DSN for Microsoft Office System Driver on 64-bit versions of Windows:

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