Video: What is a Multi-function I/O Mezzanine Module? | Acromag AP730 | What is a Multi-function I/O Mezzanine Module? Acromag AP730 mezzanine modules provide a variety of I/O functions on a single plug-in card. These new high-density modules perform both high-speed and high resolution A/D and D/A conversion. They also handle digital I/O and counter/timer functions. Now you can conserve your precious AcroPack slots and still get all the I/O functionality you need! The AP730 is designed for extreme versatility with many deluxe features to meet most applications. However, the AP730 is still very budget-friendly. The AP730 modules are 70mm long (19.05mm longer than the full-length mini PCIe card at 50.95mm). The board’s width is the same as an mPCIe board at 30mm and uses the same standard board hold down standoff and screw keep out areas. A down-facing 100 pin Samtec connector will mate with the carrier card. This ensures a secure connection for your I/O. Fifty of these signals are available as field I/O signals. Learn more about AcroPacks: Check out Acromag's Embedded I/O app notes, tech notes, and white papers here: Get Acromag videos and whitepapers delivered straight to your inbox by subscribing to our free newsletter here: Learn more about Acromag and what we do in this short video:

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