Video: Control Techniques’ Unidrive M AC Drives & Dyneo Permanent Magnet Motors

Today we will be discussing the Unidrive M700 and Dyneo permanent magnet motor are an ideal Motor & Drive Solution for Variable Speed Applications where dynamic speed/torque control, as well as high efficiency, are key. Some example applications would be: Extruders, Mills, Fans and Pumps, and any other application where motor speed is variable, or less than 100%. Unidrive M Unidrive M700 Dyneo Permanent Magnet Motors The Dyneo motor is a High Power, compact packaged Permanent Magnet AC motor, ideal for replacing legacy DC motors up to 500 HP due to its size and power density – a much smaller footprint than an equivalent AC induction motor. The Dyneo permanent magnet motor technology allows for an exceptional torque profile, while delivering unrivaled efficiency across the entire speed range vs a typical AC induction or DC motor. The Dyneo motor was designed alongside the Unidrive M for optimal control and efficiency. Efficient permanent magnet motor control is no longer restricted to small frame sizes running closed loop. Optimized Dyneo motor and matched Unidrive M solutions are ready for CL and OL operation now over 500 HP, with a range of rated speed and torque specifications to suit the needs of nearly any variable speed application.

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