Video: Acromag uBSP Signal Splitter with Dual Current or Voltage Outputs

Acromag's uBSP Signal Splitter/Duplicator Carriers are designed for easier installation and setup. The uBSP carrier is used with plug-in Acromag microBlox (uB) input modules to build a flexible signal splitter/duplicator. Select from a variety of uB modules to match your input signal type for conversion to two proportional process current or voltage outputs. A third auxiliary voltage output is driven directly by the uB module. Dual scalable current or voltage outputs (0-20mA , 4-20mA, ±5V, ±10V, 0-5V, 0-10V). Learn more here: Watch this quick video to learn more about how these Signal Splitter Carriers can help you! Learn more about this product here:

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