Video: Panel Meter, Universal Transmitter / Alarm with Digital Display | Acromag VPM3000 | Acromag VPM3000 Vertu™ digital display panel meters are among the most versatile on the market and able to operate as a universal transmitter and/or alarm to satisfy a wide variety of process and temperature applications. The VPM3000 is field-programmable to accept many inputs including process voltage, process current, Platinum RTDs, and the four most common thermocouples. 00:00 Introduction 00:20 Capabilities of the VPM3000 Series 01:00 Easy Setup and Installation 01:20 Power 01:54 Key Features 02:40 Alarm Trip Configurations of the VPM3000 02:53 Desktop Monitoring & Data Acquisition 03:03 Display 03:15 Contact Acromag One of the VPM3000 meter’s most useful features is its ability to provide 24V DC to power a transmitter’s 4-20mA signal. Two relays and isolated 4-20mA output options increase the utility of the display. The relays can be used for limit alarms or control applications. The 4-20mA output provides isolated re-transmission of the input signal; especially useful for temperature inputs like thermocouples and RTDs without an additional signal conditioner. Acromag has several panel meters and accessories to choose from: Check out Acromag's Signal Conditioning app notes, tech notes, and white papers here: Get Acromag videos and whitepapers delivered straight to your inbox by subscribing to our free newsletter here: Learn more about Acromag and what we do in this short video:

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