Video: Migrating Existing Vision Projects Into Ignition Perspective

With the release of Ignition 8, there have been some questions about how or whether to move existing Vision Module projects over to the new Ignition Perspective Module since there is no automatic conversion or migration option available. Sales Engineering Manager Kent Melville and Applications Engineer Shay Johnson from Inductive Automation team up to discuss the pros and cons of rebuilding a Vision project in Perspective, offer some time-saving tips for doing this effectively, and answer common questions from users, including: Can you use Perspective alongside Vision to compliment existing projects? What are existing elements in Vision that can be carried over into Perspective? And what features does Perspective have that Vision doesn’t? And other frequently asked questions Kent provides an example of recreating Vision forms in the Perspective design environment, gives us a walkthrough of different container types on our demo page that can be used to convert old layouts to new responsive layouts, and tells users where they can find resources to learn even more about Vision and Perspective.

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