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Do you want to learn how to implement an FPGA? Think the only way is with a high start-up price tag and complicated setup? Think again. In FPGAs Made Easy, Rowland gives you step by step instructions to create an easy, cost-effective package to start your FPGA development. Custom Embedded Computing with Reconfigurable FPGAs on Off-the-Shelf Mezzanine Modules Acromag’s line of user-configurable FPGA I/O modules offer the ability to create custom I/O boards. Just download your own instruction sets into the I/O module’s FPGA. You can use your own application program to control the module’s analog or digital I/O channels for simulation, communication, diagnostics, image processing, and other applications. Faster, Easier Development To help you develop custom programs, Acromag offers an Engineering Design Kit. This kit provides utilities to help you load VHDL into the FPGA and to establish DMA transfers between the FPGA and the CPU. Kits include a compiled FPGA file and example VHDL code for the local bus interface, read/writes, and change-of-state interrupts to the bus. Get Your FPGAs Made Easy Guide here: Find more resources such as white papers, application notes, and more on our website: Learn more about Acromag User-Configurable FPGA I/O Modules in this video: Follow us on Social Media: Facebook: Twitter: LinkedIn:

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