Video: Acromag Overview: 967EN / 968EN & 993EN / 994EN BusWorks Ethernet I/O

These modules interface high-level analog input signals to an Ethernet network. A high-performance design ensures reliable measurements and dependable operation. Industrial-grade models add a configurable integrator/totalizer plus superior accuracy and temperature performance compared to the economical commercial-grade version. Find the 967EN Modules here: Find the 968EN Modules here: Find the 993EN Modules here: Find the 994EN Modules here: Acromag Ethernet analog input/output modules perform A/D or D/A conversion to interface sensors, instruments, and actuators to a Modbus TCP/IP, Ethernet/IP, or Profinet control network. See more Acromag Ethernet Analog I/O Products here: #Acromag #EthernetIO #EthernetModBus #EthernetAnalogIO

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