Video: Acromag Overview: ES2171 & ES2172 EtherStax High Density Ethernet I/O

A product overview of Rugged Ethernet I/O with 16-Channel I/O, Current or Voltage Outputs with i2o Option. Typical applications include driving indicators, display devices, and chart recorders. The outputs can also control variable speed drives, solenoid valves, motors, positioners and other actuators. Another common use is for re-transmission of analog signals to remote SCADA, PLC, or DCS systems. Find the ES2171 16-Channel Analog Current Output Ethernet Modules here: Find the ES2172 16-Channel Analog Voltage Output Ethernet Modules here: EtherStax units are built and tested for high reliability and dependable performance in hostile environments. Available in an aluminum enclosure or as an open circuit board, both formats stack vertically to maintain a very small footprint. Learn more about Acromag i2o® Peer-To-Peer Communication Technology here: Learn more about Acromag's EtherStax® Series for high channel-count applications here: #Acromag #EtherStax #EthernetIO #ModBusTCPIP #i2o #PeerToPeer #SCADA

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