Video: Control Techniques Commander 5 Year Warranty | T&Cs Apply

Now with free 5 year warranty We have launched a free 5 year warranty for Commander C, which is a testament to its exceptional track record for reliability and durability. Anyone who purchases a drive from the Commander C range will now be able to register to extend the products’ warranty from two years to five, at no extra cost. Commander 5 Year Warranty Commander C Series Our Commander variable speed drives have established the standard of excellence in motor control since 1983. Commander C is our sixth-generation general purpose low voltage AC drives range that delivers: Simple, reliable motor control Easy setup and high performance Energy-saving features to optimize consumption Onboard PLC, dual Safe Torque Off (STO) and multiple plug-in options for advanced control. Terms and Conditions apply. Commander 5 Year Warranty FAQ. Commander C200 & C300 General Purpose Drives

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