Video: Acromag Overview: 801T: Intelligent Temperature Transmitter; Universal Input (TC/RTD/mV/Resistance)

Video showing the features and benefits of Acromag's IntelliPack Intelligent universal input transmitter. The 801T transmitters isolate and convert sensor inputs to noise-free, proportional DC current or voltage output signals. An optional relay output adds a local limit alarm function. Find the Acromag 801T: Intelligent Temperature Transmitter; Universal Input (TC/RTD/mV/Resistance) here: Each unit offers a selection of input and output ranges, as well as several signal conditioning options. This flexibility enables a single IntelliPack to handle a broad range of applications. As your needs change, you can easily reconfigure the unit for different ranges or functions. Setup is very easy. IntelliPack modules are quickly configured with the user-friendly Windows software program. Field adjustments are simple with the module’s front-panel push-buttons and status LEDs. Once configured, IntelliPacks operate independent of any host computer. #IntelligentTransmitter #UniversalInputTransmitter #IntelliPack #Transmitter #Acromag

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