Video: Acromag Overview: 801A Intelligent Alarm: Universal TC/RTD/mV Input

This video shows you the features and benefits of the IntelliPack 801A DC-powered intelligent PC-configured limit alarm. IntelliPack alarms compare inputs against user-defined limit set-points to control built-in relays. Find the Acromag 801A Intelligent Alarm here: Learn more about Acromag's 800A Series PC-Configurable Temperature Limit Alarms for Thermocouple and RTD Inputs here: See all the Acromag IntelliPack PC-Configurable Signal Conditioners here: See all the Acromag Limit Alarms here: Each unit offers a selection of input ranges and alarm functions to handle a broad range of applications. As your needs change, you can easily reconfigure the unit for different ranges or functions. Alarm functions available on all models include on/off controller, limit alarm, window alarm, deviation alarm, rate-of-change alarm, and peak/valley detection. Setup is very easy. IntelliPack alarms are configured through a user-friendly Windows 7 or newer program. Field adjustments and re-calibration are quickly performed with front-panel push-buttons and status LEDs. Once configured, IntelliPacks operate independent of any host computer. #Acromag #LimitAlarm #IntelliPack #IntelligentAlarm #IndustrialAlarm

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