Video: Acromag: 655T / 656T Multi-Channel, Two-Wire Transmitters with Thermocouple & milliVolt Input

The 655T and 656T transmitter features are explained in this video. These units accept universal thermocouple and millivolt input signals, provide isolation, and output proportional DC current signals. The output can also be linearized to the input sensor signal. Single-channel units are ideal for panel shops and end-users who require a high-density signal conditioner that can cover a broad range of temperature measurement applications. Find the 655T / 656T single or dual channel, thermocouple/millivolt input, loop-powered transmitters here: Configuration is fast and easy. First, you select the input type with a simple DIP switch. Then, you set your zero/full-scale output values using a toggle switch on the front panel to increase or decrease the signal until you read the desired output value on your voltmeter. The toggles make it easy to calibrate a normal (proportional) or reverse-acting (inverse) response in seconds. After setting the desired calibration, just press the mode/set toggle and your configuration settings are safely saved to nonvolatile memory. Both models provide high-voltage input isolation (output and power circuits share a common). On dual channel units, each channel operates independently, with inputs isolated from each other, to prevent interaction between channels. #Acromag #LoopPower #TCtransmitter #mVtransmitter

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