Video: How to Choose an Output Loop-Powered Transmitter | Acromag

Welcome to our Signal Conditioning Selection Guide Video. As a business with many helpful products to offer, we know it can be difficult to find which one you need. How to Choose an Output Loop-Powered Transmitter quick selection guide should help point you in the right direction. 00:00 Introduction 00:24 Splitters 00:34 4-20mA Isolators 00:44 Resistance & Voltage (00:46) Input Transmitters 00:56 milliVolt Input Transmitters 01:06 Thermocouple Input Transmitters 01:16 RTD Input Transmitters 01:27 Current and AC Current Input Transmitters 01:43 Thermistor and PWM (01:48) Input Transmitters 01:53 Frequency and Potentiometer (01:58) Input Transmitters 02:03 AC Voltage Input Transmitters 02:13 Contact Acromag Learn more about Acromag Signal Conditioning products here: Check out Acromag's Signal Conditioning app notes, tech notes, and white papers here: Get Acromag videos and whitepapers delivered straight to your inbox by subscribing to our free newsletter here: Learn more about Acromag and what we do in this short video:

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