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The art of panel building (1): easy wiring Watch the video in which Hank and René, our two electrical control panel specialists, introduce a new patented Push-In Plus technology. You may also fast forward to the parts that really interest you: 1:06 - Easy to insert (easier than an earphone jack!) and secure connection 2:05 - Work with both hands while the Push-In Plus terminal mechanism holds the screwdriver for you (This is really handy! Check it also at 4:17) 3:26 - Front-in and front release wiring 3:49 - The new terminal blocks with Push-In Plus technology 5:31 - Flexible mounting of sockets

Omron PackXpert: complete packaging solution

A complete single source integrated solution: robot, vision, motion, design & control. Manage your packaging line on your own with an intuitive, graphical interface. PackXpert Solution brings together our complete line of robotic automation products into a single, fully integrated packaging system. From design to implementation to product changeovers, with PackXpert, you’ll save time, lower costs and reduce the complexity of your packaging line.

The art of panelbuilding (2): heat dissipation Watch the 2nd in a series of three videos where Hank and René, our electrical control panel specialists, take a closer look at heat dissipation in your cabinet; how to identify thermal hotspots, which products to use and where to place them in your cabinet. You may also fast forward to the parts that really interest you: 00:23 Temperature control and heat dissipation in a control cabinet 01:40 Identifying thermal hotspots 03:14 Standard height for unobstructed air flow 03:39 Compact design 03:53 Less Heat dissipation 04:08 Power Management System

The art of panelbuilding (3): optimize your electrical control panel

An online workshop from Hank and Rene, our electrical control panel specialists, looking at optimization of the electrical control panel in the design phase.

New Value for Electrical Control Panels If you have to downsize your machine, export your machine overseas or have to cope with short lead times and labor shortage, this video might have some answers for you.

Vibration Suppression Technology

In the past, we had to take time to move a cup slowly to prevent a drink from spilling. We also had to wait until the shaking comes to a stop. With Omron vibration control technology, it takes a mere 0.05 seconds—nearly zero—to stop motion completely, no matter how fast the vehicle is moving. If you compare this to conventional control technology, which usually requires about 13.5 seconds until the vibration comes to a stop under the same conditions.

How Omron Industrial PC production line is adapting I4.0 methodologies

Omron Manufacturing The Netherlands is showing how Industry 4.0 works in practice, with server-controlled line management, projected-beam operator assistance and the first steps in smart data science integration. Put all this together with strictly applied lean manufacturing, and you have a factory that demonstrated perfectly how new production methods drive higher productivity.

OMRON PMAC Series - Programmable Multi Axis Controller Even more flexible, more open, more creative...Powerful motion controller to meet the most complex motion applications. Flexible development environment with ANSI C Language, PMAC script and G-Code programming.

Omron Mobile LD Robots

The Omron LD Mobile Robot is a self navigating Autonomous Intelligent Vehicle (AIV) designed for dynamically moving material in a warehouse.

Reduce your machine downtime with Omron Optimise machine productivity utilising predictive maintenance functionality within the Sysmac platform

Omron at Hannover Messe 2017 - Forpheus, the intelligent table tennis robot

At Hannover Messe 2017 we showcased Forpheus, the first machine table tennis tutor that interprets how you feel and play and helps you improve your game. This is just the beginning of our new technologies that creates your future. If you missed the event watch our recap to learn more about how we envision the future of industrial automation.

Forpheus 3rd generation ping-pong robot Meet FORPHEUS the ping-pong robot that will improve your table tennis skills while having fun at the same time by keeping a rally going. In addition to the conventional function to control returning the ball according to the trajectory and strength of the player's ball, the 3rd-generation FORPHEUS is equipped with new amazing technologies where humans and machines grow together by using AI (Artificial Intelligence) technologies. It can learn about characteristics of the player's actions and the trajectory of the ball and keep a rally going, which guides a person to make more progress.

Omron mobile robots Omron's Autonomous Intelligent vehicles (AIV): no facility modifications, no laser beacons, no floor magnets, no tapes and setup the robot within an hour.

Massive Mannequin Challenge at Omron's Industrial PC factory

The new Industrial PC (IPC) production line at Omron Manufacturing Netherlands (OMN) is one of the most innovative plants in the Omron group. So it was perhaps no surprise that the production team celebrated the opening of the new line by taking on the very latest social-media craze – the Mannequin Challenge.

OMRON - 1S Servo System

1S is a servo system designed to optimize the full cycle, through the machine design, installation and commissioning tasks and finally to the maintenance once in production. The 1S servo offers high resolution multi-turn encoder without battery backup, safety network built.-in and improved loop control allowing accurate and higher machine productivity.

G2RV, next step in the evolution of relays We have taken our G2RV industrial relay to the next level. A patented lockable test switch has been added to test the functionality of a panel or a machine. You can simulate an actuator when modules are offline or have been removed. There is also a protective cover to prevent accidental operation.

Omron Industrial Relays; No environment is too tough ... reliability is never an issue The electromechanical relays of Omron are an excellent choice for a broad range of applications. They have special performance and lifetime enhancing design features, such as, the contacts of the G2RS which are made from a silver tin indium alloy because of its well-balanced performance for various load characteristics, including DC-load and inrush current switching. It’s performance is far superior when compared to alternative models available with silver nickel alloy, as this has a poor performance for other loads than standard AC-load (especially inrush current switching). The contacts of the MY-S series (4-pole versions) are gold-clad to ensure excellent contact reliability.

Omron macros available in EPLAN Data Portal Omron now offers macros for the EPLAN system. The macros, which are accessible via EPLAN's online Data Portal, contain data that enables designers to drag-and-drop pre-produced drawings of Omron components into diagrams, plans, flowcharts and other documents. Accurate and up-to-date documentation can thus be produced faster and more efficiently, with translations available for businesses that trade internationally. Macros for over 500 of our products are already available, including panel components, PLCs, drives and controllers, as well as devices for the Sysmac automation platform. It's planned that macros for approximately 3000 more Omron devices will be included soon.

Omron's E5DC DIN Rail temperature controller - a 22,5 mm clever in-panel solution Omron has launched another attractive and multi-functional temperature controller in DIN Rail format with removable socket. The stand-alone E5DC with a single loop follows the outstanding control performance of the E5_C platform with 50ms of control loop period time. The advantages are: - easy mounting/dismounting by removable terminal block - space saving design: 22,5 mm width body - white ultra bright LCD display for high readability and easy monitoring; - stand-alone functionality; - quick set-up via CX-Thermo software; - clever auto-tuning algorithms; - set-up without external power supply; - ready to operate after a few seconds; - ladder free programming and PLC connection, - On-Panel mounting is feasible, - 50ms control loop period time, - brilliant auto-tuning and other smart tuning algorithms

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