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Learn more about the unlimited platform for SCADA, HMI, MES, IIoT, and so much more.

Video: Rethinking SCADA Software For Modern Manufacturing -- Inductive Automation

SCADA software has gotten out of control. What if there was a better way to manage control systems? See how web-based software, open standards technology, and unlimited usage licensing are being used to transform the SCADA / control system software landscape. Ignition by Inductive Automation is being used around the world to create HMI, SCADA and MES applications. Learn more and download Ignition trial for Free:

Video: Ignition Maker Edition

With Ignition Maker Edition, you can apply the same powerful industrial-grade features of Ignition by Inductive Automation to any number of your personal or educational projects — at no cost! Whether you want to automate the lights in your home, manage a personal weather station, or simply learn the Ignition platform from anywhere, Ignition Maker Edition is your personal innovation engine to help you turn great ideas into reality. Get Ignition Maker Edition for Free:

Video: The Ignition Exchange

Explore the Ignition Exchange Discover, share, and download community made Ignition resources in collaboration with your organization or the Ignition community.

Video: Ignition by Inductive Automation

What is Ignition? The Unlimited Platform for SCADA and So Much More! We built Ignition from the ground up to improve the processes for every industrial professional in virtually every industry. Design any kind of industrial application with ease, and instantly web-deploy clients to anyone, anywhere. Discover the power of Ignition’s modularity, affordability, flexibility, and expandability. Learn more about Ignition at

Video: The New SCADA - Ignition by Inductive Automation

While traditional SCADA is based on old technology, The New SCADA redefines SCADA by using today's best technologies. The New SCADA stands on the strength of Ignition's six fundamental characteristics: Web-based, unlimited licensing, security, real-time control and monitoring, easy expandability, and rapid development. Discover for yourself what Ignition can do at:

Video: Ignition Architectures: Deploy it Anywhere, Use It Everywhere

One thing that sets Ignition apart is its server-centric web-based deployment model; you can deploy it anywhere and use it everywhere. Discover unlimited expansion with our standard architecture. Get massive amounts of data under control with the scale-out architecture. Link multiple local and remote sites to the central Ignition Gateway with the Hub and Spoke architecture, and collect data from any field device with the IIoT Architecture. The possibilities for SCADA solutions are endless. Learn more about Ignition Architectures:

Video: Ignition 8 Demonstration

A Tour Through the New Features of Ignition 8 Learn More About Ignition 8 at: Travis Cox, Co-Director of Sales Engineering at Inductive Automation, provides an online Ignition 8 Demo project showcasing the key highlights in Ignition's latest update. These include designing mobile-optimized screens, data logging, alarming, the ease of drag-and-drop functionality, and more.

Video: What Is HMI?

Inductive Automation's Co-Director of Software Engineering Carl Gould explains what Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs) are, how they work, where to find them, how they're used, who uses them, the functionality they provide, and their capabilities in the world of manufacturing.

Video: What is SCADA?

SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) is a system operating over various communication channels so as to provide control of remote equipment (using typically one communication channel per remote station). The control system may be combined with a data acquisition system by adding the use of coded signals over communication channels to acquire information about the status of the remote equipment for display or for recording functions. Now that you know the definition of SCADA, come learn about the New SCADA, Ignition by Inductive Automation!

Video: What is a PLC

If you're familiar with industrial automation, you may have heard of PLCs. So, what are PLCs and why are they so important in the world of automation? Arnell Ignacio from Inductive automation explains what Programmable Logic Controllers are, how they work, where they're used, and more.

Video: What is MQTT

MQTT is a machine-to-machine (M2M) data transfer protocol that is quickly becoming the leading messaging protocol for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). Hear Arlen Nipper, President & CTO from Cirrus Link Solutions and co-inventor of MQTT explains MQTT. He discusses the original development, advantages of using, what makes it unique and efficient, and the various applications it's being used in. Learn more about MQTT at:

Video: What is IIoT

IIoT stands for the Industrial Internet of Things. But what does that mean? Let Arlen Nipper President & CTO of Cirrus Link Solutions explain what IIoT is and how it's effecting manufacturing. IIoT promises to revolutionize manufacturing by enabling the acquisition and accessibility of far greater amounts of data, at far greater speeds. Learn more about IIoT at:

Video: Ignition in 2 Minutes

Ignition delivers unlimited web-based monitoring and control for your entire facility. You can use it to create any size industrial automated system for HMIs, SCADA or MES applications. Discover Ignition at:

Video: Ignition on Panelview CE6

This video shows how you can run Ignition on a Panelview CE6 using the mobile module. This is accomplished by installing the open-source .NET VNCViewer on the Panelview and launching it with the ME Program Launcher ActiveX control that comes with Factorytalk View ME.

Video: Inductive University - Free Ignition Training by Inductive Automation

Inductive University is a free online learning platform designed to help you master Ignition by Inductive Automation® SCADA software at your own pace on your own time. With IU, you can watch training videos, test your knowledge, and participate in our new credential program, manage teams, or just get a quick answer to a question. Check out the University:

Video: An Ideal Platform for OT

Travis Cox, Co-Director of Sales Engineering at Inductive Automation, and Hugh Roddy, VP, Global Engineering & Project Management at Chobani, discuss how Ignition is well-suited for operational technology. Learn how Ignition’s modular architecture and comprehensive connectivity make it the perfect platform to bridge the gap between OT and IT.

Video: Limitless Applications

Travis Cox, Co-Director of Sales Engineering at Inductive Automation, explains how limitless applications are possible due to Ignition’s extensibility and modularity. Hugh Roddy, VP, Global Engineering & Project Management at Chobani, expounds upon the numerous applications Chobani has built with Ignition.

Video: Ignition Ecosystem Overview

Don Pearson, Chief Strategy Officer at Inductive Automation, talks with Hugh Roddy, VP, Global Engineering & Project Management at Chobani, about the evolving Ignition ecosystem and how it increases the value and effectiveness of the Ignition platform.

Video: How to Get Started with Ignition Maker Edition

Carl Gould from Inductive Automation demonstrates that it only takes 3 minutes to install and license Ignition Maker Edition, so you can quickly start building any home automation system that you want. Bring Innovation Home

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