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Video: OEM Automatic Suomi, yritysesittely

OEM on yksi Euroopan johtavista teollisuusautomaation komponenttien toimittajista.

Video: EPLAN Data Portal - the driving force behind your engineering.

Discover the EPLAN Data Portal: Narrow time windows, tight budgets and high demands for quality. As a constructor or engineer you face these market challenges every day. Use the web-based EPLAN Data Portal to gain an essential component for greater efficiency in the product creation process: standardised device data. #EPLAN #EPLANDataPortal #DataPortal

Video: Electronic circuit breakers ESS30-S ensure top system availability around the globe

Continuous availability is a top priority in factory automation. For reliable DC 24 V protection you need electronic overcurrent protection. It reliably detects overcurrent and short circuit and features a custom trip limit. In the event of a failure, a switch mode power supply will not provide enough current to make conventional protective elements trip. Long cables and the resulting resistance values are further impediments. The electronic circuit breaker combines current limitation and electronic overcurrent protection with VDE- and UL-compliant physical isolation. This allows international use of the globally unique ESS30-S plug-in type circuit breaker, saving precious planning capacities. The ESS30-S requires significantly less energy which makes it extremely cost-effective. It produces less heat and has a long life span. In addition it features a very compact design which helps save space in control cabinets. ESS30-S - known for standard-compliant physical isolation and high system availability in a single device.

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