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Video: SynRM motor technology brings lower energy, maintenance and noise to extruder, Radius Systems

For more information, visit: UK plastic pipe manufacturer, Radius Systems, located in Derbyshire, replaced a DC system of one of the extrusion lines with a AC drive and IE4 SynRM motor package with the help of ABB’s authorized value provider, IDS. This resulted in space and noise reductions along with estimated energy savings of 8 to 15 percent, with a return on investment within two years.

Video: Extruder energy consumption down by 60%; production up 30%

For more information, please visit: Plastic container manufacturer PrimePac Ltd gained 60% energy savings and 30% production improvement when they replaced a 23-year-old blow molding machine to modern synchronous reluctance motor (SynRM) and ACS880 variable speed drive package. This saving enabled them to install a new injection molding machine to produce a new type of medicine bottle and still save energy.

Video: ABB drives - The all-compatible drives portfolio

For more information, visit: One drives portfolio, one common approach. ABB presents a new kind of low voltage AC drives portfolio that is all-compatible. It means that the drives are compatible with different types of users, processes and businesses. The drives improve energy efficiency of motor-driven processes and help users meet their environmental goals.

Video: What is an AC drive?

For more information, please visit: Electric motors play a very important role in our everyday businesses and lives. They move and run basically everything we need for business or pleasure. All these motors use electricity. Controlling the way motors use electricity not only helps you save energy, but also reduce scrap and maintenance costs. This motor control comes in technology we call AC drives (also known as variable speed drives (VSD) or variable frequency drives (VFD). But how do variable speed drives work? This video provides a not-too-technical explanation.

Video: Elektryczne zespoły napędowe dla pojazdów ciężkich

ABB oferuje kompletne elektryczne układy napędowe przeznaczone dla maszyn ciężkich – na przykład w górnictwie, budownictwie i transporcie materiałów – zoptymalizowane pod kątem rzeczywistego cyklu pracy maszyny. Układy napędowe zostały zaprojektowane z myślą o niezawodności oraz wydajności, zmniejszając całkowity koszt inwestycji przy jednoczesnym zwiększeniu wydajności. Aby uzyskać więcej informacji odwiedź:

Video: How to find help in unclear situations. ABB drives instructional overviews

For more information, please visit: How to find help in unclear situations. ABB drives instructional overviews

Video: Advanced control and safety technology improves tower crane performance

To develop its second-generation luffing jib tower cranes, Recom Srl turns to ABB’s control and safety technology to rejuvenate its automation system.

Video: Fiskeby Board AB and ACS880 case video

For more information, please visit: Fiskeby Board AB is one of Europe's leading manufacturers of recycled packaging board. They have installed ABB's new industrial drive, the wall-mounted ACS880-01, to a dilution water pump resulting in an immediate 80 percent reduction in the energy needed for that operation.

Video: Drives for electrically driven deck winches, Norwegian Deck Machinery and m/s Viking Grace

For more information, please visit: Norwegian Deck Machinery is a worldwide supplier of winches and handling equipment for the marine segment. Their mooring winches were installed on m/s Viking Grace together with ABB's ACS800 drives. M/s Viking Grace's very quick turnaround times in harbour put tough requirements on the electrical driven winches. NDM explains how ABB's drive with built-in winch control software helped make their offer more competitive.

Video: Case Evides Waterbedrijf - Pioneering energy efficiency in water industry

For more information visit: Evides Waterbedrijf has built its success in the water business based on a philosophy of sustainability, and a trust in the long-term quality and reliability of its technologies and partnerships. Its pumping station project is a good example, as it has pioneered the first use of ABB’s low-energy SynRM motor and variable frequency drive (VFD) technology in the Netherlands providing estimated 20% energy savings.

Video: Reliable permanent magnet motor control for General Magnetic

For more information, please visit: General Magnetic of Calgary, Alberta, Canada has developed a large 85-horsepower MagnoDrive Permanent Magnet PCP Top Drive Motor that drives progressive cavity pumps (PCP). In the development stages of their MagnoDrive, General Magnetic noticed a problem when conducting field tests with an initial variable speed drive (VSD) it had selected. This is when they contacted ABB whose people visited GM, did some research, and in early 2014 offered to provide an ACS880 for testing.

Video: Kolmeks manufactures energy efficient pumps fit with SynRM motor and drive

For more information, please visit: The need to pump liquids comes from every direction. Pumping efficiently helps save energy and that helps save operating costs. Kolmeks, a Finnish pump manufacturer, explains some of the areas their customers are interested in, and how they choose to start delivering pumps fit with ABB SynRM motors and drives.

Video: How ABB products help Ecospray Technologies build better marine exhaust scrubbers

Ecospray, an environmental technology company, uses ABB motors and drives in its marine exhaust cleaning systems which help ship owners meet new emission regulations.

Video: Capturing energy with ACS880 regenerative drives – part of the ABB clean drive family

Instead of wasting braking energy as heat, ABB regenerative drives capture the energy so that can be utilized by other equipment. In addition to significant energy savings, the drives enable minimized downtime, optimized cost and space as well as maximized motor performance and efficiency. Everything needed for regenerative operation is included in the compact drive package. For more information, please visit drive&utm_medium=web&utm_source=web

Video: Maximize your production with ACS880 artificial lift drives

For more information, please visit: In an artificial lift operation, predicting changes occurring in the oil well conditions can be difficult. Our ACS880 variable frequency drives monitor and accurately control the motor speed of PCP, ESP and rod pump according to the changing well conditions. The use of our drives, creates cost savings on the operational side, while optimizing the performance of the system throughout its lifetime.

Video: Case Windoor realfly – Controlling the wind speed for indoor skydivers

For more information, please visit: Spain’s Windoor Realfly indoor skydiving facility offers a range of wind speeds from 150 km/h to suit first-timers up to the 300 km/h that Proflyers demand for their adventurous freefall routines. ABB variable speed drives play a key role in controlling the massive fans that provide the updraft, enabling it to be adjusted to the right strength for each flyer in a matter of seconds.

Video: ABB technology keeps indoor skydivers in the air at the Wind Games

For more information, please visit: ABB variable speed drives provide precise control of the airspeed in one of the world’s top indoor wind tunnels.

Video: ABB helps Tate & Lyle grow capacity more than tenfold in four years

For more information, please visit: Global ingredients and solutions provider Tate & Lyle acquired Biovelop, a Swedish manufacturer of oat based ingredients, in May 2013. To meet the growing demand for healthier foods globally, Tate & Lyle needed to boost the performance of the plant and turned to ABB for the latest automation solutions. The subsequent opening of the capacity expansion has been a success, in part, due to the components delivered by ABB, experiencing a more than tenfold growth in capacity in the last four years.

Video: Reto de Productividad Extrema para variadores industriales

Puedes descubrir también todos nuestros convertidores de frecuencia en Te presentamos el Reto ACS880. Ponemos a prueba la productividad de un variador industrial con un elefante de hormigón de 6 toneladas entre piezas de porcelana. ¿Quieres ver en qué consiste el reto?

Video: ACS2000 – the solution for everyday process control

For more information, please visit: The variable frequency converter ACS2000 is an industrial all-rounder that perfectly adapts to a wide variety of applications across all industries. The simple design, robust control platform and various drive configurations allow you to choose a perfect match to increase efficiency of your processes and systems.

Video: Cabling of ACS880-04, IP20 single drive module

For more information, please visit: This video shows how the cabling of a ACS880-04, IP20 single drive module is done in a Rittal cabinet.

Video: Overhead crane control with ACS880 drives

For more information, please visit: ACS880 drives with a built-in crane control software help you build cranes that operate efficiently, reliably, and safely. This short video explains the key features of the ACS880 drives for overhead cranes. Anti-sway and master/follower shaft synchro control are represented as examples of comprehensive functionality of the crane control software.

Video: Electrically driven deck winches with ACS880 industrial drives

For more information, please visit: ACS880 drives with a built-in winch control software enable reliable deck winch operation day after day. This video shows the key features of ACS880 drives for winches. Handmooring and automooring are used as examples of the vast functionality of the winch control software.

Video: Installing ACS880-04, IP20 single drive module to a cabinet

For more information, please visit: This assembly video shows how the ACS880-04, IP20 single drive module is assembled in to a Rittal cabinet.

Video: Launching ACS880 in Spain - making off

See the launch event in Spain

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