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Video: Tolomatic ACSI Servo/RSA unit controlled by a Pro Face Modular HMI over WAGO’s Bluetooth Radios

Tolomatic ACSI Servo/RSA unit controlled by a Pro-Face Modular HMI over WAGO's Bluetooth Radios. Air Hydro Power is a company in motion. Serving the Kentucky, Southern Indiana, West Virginia and Alabama manufacturing base as a Total Solutions Provider.

Video: Flow Demo using Pro-Face This video is a demonstration using a Pro-face HMI to read temperature and flow measurements. We start off showing temperature measurement via a thermocouple. Next we use a simple fan and a sensor to demonstrate how the Pro-face can be used to calculate flow. Basic capabilities of the HMI are PLC control, monitoring of a system, alarm notification, and other diagnostic tools.

Video: Xycom 1993

People who worked at Xycom in 1993.

Video: Pro-face Galaxy Note 2 Live Wallpaper 480x852

My new Live Wallpaper for my Galaxy Note 2. Created using Camtasia. Used Video Live Wallpaper on Google Play No sound...because it's a wallpaper...

Video: Proface HMI Software

A video showing Proface HMI Software running on an AGP3750-T1-D24 Proface HMI. The HMI shows an overview of a ABB Robot Spray Paint line with ABB IRB 5400 and ABB IRB 580 Robots deburring and painting parts used in the automotive industry. The ABB IRB 5400s provide prime coat, base coat and clear coat to the parts. We designed the Proface HMI Software to meet the specific needs of the customer and carried out the HMI Programming as required. We also provide PLC Software design, Control Panels, installation and full system commissioning.

Video: Remote HMI test Free edition on big screen

It's first test made on remote HMI with a android module conected to TV.

Video: Pro-face EZ Series - Illuminated Switch Demonstration (PFXZCCEUSG1)

Pro-face EZ Series USB powered and operated Illuminated switch (PFXZCCEUSG1) 22mm mounting Lamp and Switch combined. Custom operation of switch and lamps for each displayed screen. Thousands of configurations possible. Navigate, actuate bits words, special functions, multi-colour LED lamps. Very bright! Works with GP4000 series HMIs and GP-Pro EX. Also in video, PFXGP4301TAD 5.7" display, PFXZCCEUSS (Fingerprint Recognition). Information and Datasheet: TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS OVERVIEW: Functional Specifications: Number of Switches - 5 illuminated switches Durability of Switches - 1 million times or more for each switch LED Colors - Red, Green, Yellow, Blue, White, Orange Insert Label - Printable and replaceable insert labels Electrical Specifications: Power Supply Rated Input Voltage - 5 Vdc (Powered from USB bus) Input Voltage Limits - 4.75 to 5.25 Vdc Power Consumption - 2.0 W or less

Video: Air Hydro Power Proface HMI controlling Mitsubishi A700 VFD

Air Hydro Power - Proface HMI controlling Mitsubishi A700 VFD via Proface RS485 driver

Video: Proface AGP3750-T1-D24 HMI

Here's a quick video showing the rear / panel cut out of a Proface AGP3750-T1-D24 HMI located within a Controls Panel of a recent system that we delivered. The Proface AGP3750-T1-D24 HMI was programmed and supplied by ourselves and is connected via Ethernet TCP/IP to a Mitsubishi Q Series PLC via a Pheonix Contact Industrial Ethernet Switch. For more info on the HMIs that we provide and the other services that we offer, such as a PLC Control Panels, then please visit our website. Thanks.

Video: Proface GP3000 connect to Uni-tech bar-code reader by USB port.MOV

The Proface GP3000 connect to Uni-tech bar-code reader by USB port. If you need this sample program to test you can pass a message to me. E-mail

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