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Video: Introduction to ABB Drives Customer Laboratory

For more information, please visit: Located beside ABB’s Helsinki drives factory, the ABB drives test laboratory is intended primarily for external customers. The laboratory provides high-precision measurements of drive/motor dynamic performance, loadability and efficiency that enable customers to find an optimal drive system for their application and thus reduce costs, equipment size and energy consumption. The measurements are obtained using an extremely precise device. In addition, the laboratory makes it possible to verify motor control performance and match customer motors with ABB drives so that customers have an opportunity to rapidly and accurately verify ABB as a new supplier.

Video: Nova tecnologia de motores reduz o consumo de energia, manutenção e emissão de ruídos

Para mais informações, por favor visite: ttp:// plastics-and-rubber/case-radius-systems. O fabricante britânico de tubulações de plástico, Radius Systems, localizado em Derbyshire, substituiu um sistema de corrente contínua em uma linha de extrusão por um pacote de acionamento e motor síncrono de relutância (SynRM) com o apoio da IDS - um distribuidor value provider da ABB.O novo sistema proporcionou redução de espaço, ruído e consumo de energa de 8% a 15%, garantindo o retorno do investimento em 2 anos.

Video: What is a drive - NEMA version

For more information, please visit: Electric motors play a very important role in our everyday businesses and lives. They move and run basically everything we need for business or pleasure. All these motors use electricity. Controlling the way motors use electricity not only helps you save energy, but also reduce scrap and maintenance costs. This motor control comes in technology we call AC drives (also known as variable speed drives (VSD) or variable frequency drives (VFD). But how do variable speed drives work? This video provides a not-too-technical explanation.

Video: A different perspective on improving productivity and efficiency

For more information, please visit: Improving productivity and saving energy typically go hand-in-hand. ABB automation products offer you great solutions to help you do this. This short one minute video gives a slightly different perspective of what this can look like.

Video: Improve energy efficiency by controlling your motor with an ABB drive

For more information, please visit: Drives can improve energy efficiency by optimally controlling electric motors. A pump or a fan running at half the speed consumes only one-eighth of the energy compared to one running at full speed, resulting in reduced running cost and carbon dioxide emissions. This video simply demonstrates how to achieve savings with ABB drives and controls.

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