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Video: Pro-face EZ Fingerprint Recognition Unit Forget passwords that can be shared, the Pro-face EZ Fingerprint Recognition Unit provides security that can't be surpassed! Fingerprint data is registered and maintained through the HMI or PC connected to EZ Fingerprint Recognition Unit. It can be configured for 15 levels of security and visibility, and data for up to 100 users can be stored. Increase the safety of your operators and operation while protecting the security of your data and application by using fingerprints for access. For more information:

Video: Think Outside the HMI Take your HMI to the next level with Pro-face GP-4000. Although there are a lot of similarities between brands, when you want to think "Outside The HMI," one name stands out—Pro-face! Pro-face GP-4000 HMIs offer accessories such as the Fingerprint Reader, Five Button Illuminated Switch, and a Tower Light, each easily connected with a simple USB. Make it even easier with the Pro-face Remote HMI app, giving you the ability to monitor and control your Pro-face HMI anywhere, with a smartphone or tablet.

Video: Pro-face LT4000M Series HMI The Pro-face LT4000M HMI is a flexible operator interface plus control that combines an HMI with a PLC to save panel space, wiring work, and programming time. The easy 22mm modular mounting and separation cables offer location options never before possible.

Video: Pro-face Industrial PC The PC to meet your automation needs! Available as a box, or panel mounted iPC, the PS4000 series can be configured to your specs. Featuring Core2Duo, ATOM N270 or Atom Z510 processors, you can create a powerful system for any production floor. Extensive connectiity, Hard Disk Drive (HDD) or Solid State Drives (SSD), fanless options, quick and easy storage expansion, RAID, pen or embedded operating systems, and stainless steel bezel options allow you to select a robust and dependable iPC for your application. Find out more at

Video: Pro-face EZ Illuminated Switch The Pro-face EZ Illuminated Switch offers an easy way to manage alarm status via 5 illuminated switches with multiple color LED displays. Each display shows a color to indicate the machine's status from a distance. Easily determine the appropriate status of your machine, so you can react quickly and accurately to any issues that arise. For more information:

Video: Pro-face America

For over 40 years, Pro-face has set the standard for Human Machine Interface (HMI) and Industrial Personal Computers (iPC). A global company, with a local presence, Pro-face provides global product availability, support, and service.

Video: Pro-face GP4000M Series HMIs Pro-face America's GP-4000M Series HMI with 3.5 and 5.7 in LED-backlit LCDs has full graphics, a TFT touchscreen interface with serial or ethernet connectivity. The operator interface is installed using a 22 mm thread through a common hole size used for pilot lights or push buttons. These models are programmed with Pro-face GP-Pro EX development software.

Video: Pro-face HMI and IPC Repair Support Products serviced by Pro-face America, including legacy Xycom products, get a comprehensive and in-depth repair and complete review that only an OEM can provide. We lead the industry in warranty and non/warranty repair turnaround time with most repairs done in 3 to 5 days.

Video: Pro-Server EX Data Management Software by Pro-face Pro-Server EX is a powerful, yet cost effective data management server that provides real-time reporting of automated manufacturing and production environments at a fraction of the price of a full SCADA system. If all that is needed is the ability to generate MS Excel reports, or to expand the data collection and data sharing capabilities of an existing manufacturing reporting system (like MES or SCADA), then Pro-face Pro-Server EX is the answer. For more information, please visit:

Video: Pro-face EZ Numpad Introducing the Pro-face EZ Numpad. • Switches between input & function keys. • Extends screen lifetime. Saves screen space. • Allows tactile feedback to operator. • Operates in harsh environments. • Mounts easily with a USB cable and 22mm mounting hole. For more information, visit:

Video: SP5000 Series Enhanced HMI With increasingly sophisticated machine performance; production management and predictive maintenance utilizing operation data; and the growing popularity of the cloud, big data is coming to the manufacturing shop floor. Pro-face has realized unprecedented connectivity in the new Smart Portal, creating a new interface designed firmly with the future in mind. More than just an HMI, the SP5000 Series allows a huge variety of data to be downloaded to Smart Portal and transmitted in an optimal format to those who need it. Smart Portal connects information and people for optimal communication.

Video: Create Your Own Custom Overlay Would you like to highlight your brand and differentiate your machine through a custom HMI overlay? You can now purchase custom overlays for your Pro-face HMIs. Pro-face offers Rapid Delivery, and Quantity Based Pricing with No Minimum Quantities. No job is too big, and no job is too small! Simply download a template, create your artwork, upload it, and we’ll take it from there. Questions? Contact

Video: Pro-face Connect (Promo)

Pro-face Connect is a ready-to-use cloud solution for secure remote access over the internet without programming or configuring each device separately. Use Pro-face Connect on your existing network without involving your IT department. Save travel expenses and time using remote maintenance with the highest level of security and encryption in place from end-to-end, from any PC or tablet to your machinery. Pro-face Connect Download Page (30 Day Free Trial) Pro-face America Technical Resources

Video: SP5000X Series - Outdoor Rugged HMI

This sunlight readable, outdoor rated, rugged HMI is the newest series in the Pro-face line up. Perfect for oil & gas, and water/wastewater applications.

Video: STW6000 Web HMI

The STW6000 Web HMI is a display unit that uses a Web browser to act as a Web client to visualize internal contents of PLCs and other devices. The STW6000 easily displays HTML5 information on-site, a luxury body brought to life by HMI specialists for use on simple machines, a product that meets maintenance, durability, and industrial-level needs.

Video: HMI Centric Concept Commercial

We dream of a Smart Factory where the human can effortlessly utilize complex IT/OT data. Reposition the human in the center of the automation architecture. Convinced that humans have unrealized potential. Interactive and intuitive operations help to make sharp and timely decisions by everyone - everywhere. By connecting to devices from a plethora of manufacturers, we can discover new optimized solutions and configurations with peace of mind on the site. HMI with Visibility, Flexibility, and Reliability opens the window to information for you. HMI Centric Solutions make the best of the human workforce with digital technology.

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