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Video: Cognex Vision Does It All

Inspect any product, guide any automation, and identify any part—Cognex machine vision does it all. Your company can benefit from Cognex machine vision and industrial ID solutions. Learn more about how we can help you optimize quality and drive down costs

Video: DS1000 3D Displacement Sensor Demo Video

Unlike traditional 2D machine vision, the DS1000 laser profiler provides a topographical representation of your part from which you can measure 3D features such as length, width, height, tilt or volume relative to any surface. It also simplifies challenging OCR or presence/absence applications by creating contrast from height changes, independent of color.

Video: Cognex Vision Made Simple

This entertaining video shows everything you ever needed to know about machine vision—in 30 seconds!

Video: OCRMax with auto-tune demonstration

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology from the machine vision leaders. The OCRMax algorithm for In-Sight vision systems and VisionPro vision software offers the highest read rates and easy, fast set up with an auto-tune feature. For more information:

Video: DS1000 3D sensor performing volume measurement to ensure proper portion control

In this demonstration, the DS1000 industrial 3D sensor extracts topographical information from the surfaces of cookies. The sensor captures a complete topographical scan of the surface of each cookie to precisely calculate its volume.

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