Ver videos: Ignition 7.7


Video: Ignition v7.7 - Sequential Function Charts

Sequential Function Charts (SFC) Module By adding the powerful Ignition SFC Module to Ignition v7.7, you can streamline the creation, organization, and visualization of robust logic systems. Now you can visually script logic for large processes by leveraging a standard programming method familiar to many PLC programmers. This separately-sold module works seamlessly with Ignition v7.7, and brings whole new capabilities to SCADA. View the Full Webinar -

Video: Ignition v7.7 - Client Localization

Client Localization This highly requested feature makes it much easier for global enterprises to build top-quality, multilingual projects. Users can now easily translate and display Ignition screens in their preferred language, reducing the potential for mis-communication and error. You can translate new and existing projects using a large translation database, and change the display on the fly. Watch the Full Webinar Here -

Video: Ignition v7.7 - Cloud Templates

Cloud Templates Templates are a great way to speed up project development, and now you can use, store, and share many more templates in Ignition v7.7. You’ll be able to access a new, extensive Cloud-based template repository from within the Ignition Designer. Share your templates publicly with the whole Ignition community, or share them privately (for example, within a group of co-workers). Use more templates, save more time. Watch the Full Webinar -

Video: Ignition v7.7 - Template Repeater

Template Repeater Create dynamic windows in Ignition v7.7 with the new Template Repeater component. Simplify your development process by repeating a template automatically any number of times. Now both the components and window structures in Ignition can be dynamically variable, and you can enjoy greater flexibility and speed in your SCADA projects. Watch the Full Webinar -

Video: Ignition v7.7 - Local Client Fallback

Local Client Fallback Use Ignition’s central-server architecture model and feel confident about local control. If a client loses communication with your central Ignition Gateway, it can automatically fall back to a local Gateway. This aspect of Ignition v7.7 maintains the connection between local clients and machines even if the central Ignition server connection goes down temporarily. Watch the Full Webinar -

Video: Ignition v7.7 - Discover Ignition's Server-Based Licensing

Unlimited clients, tags and connections for a fraction of the cost Part of our commitment to the Ignition community is to give you a licensing model that allows you to unleash your creativity, innovation, and expansion. Henry Palechek talks about his price comparison between old SCADA solutions and Ignition. Learn how Henry's use of Ignition has evolved over time as he shares some of his customized operator screens. View the Full Webinar Here -

Video: Ignition v7.7 - Cross-Platform Freedom with Ignition

With the end-of-life of Windows XP, a large water district in Southern California was forced to change their SCADA system. Henry Palechek talks about the challenges his organization faced with a Microsoft dependent operating system, his SCADA master plan, and the solutions that Ignition provided. View the Full Webinar Here -

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