Ver videos: Getting the Most Out of Your SCADA

Get data from SCADA, learn about Ignition modules, the designer, upping efficiency, mobile access, winning business, hearing tips from integrators, and more.

Video: Perspective Design and Layout Features

Travis Cox, Co-Director of Sales Engineering at Inductive Automation, goes over some key Perspective features: Containers Themes / Styles Embedding Views / Parameters Binding / Transforms Event Handling Access to Mobile Device Sensors

Video: Perspective Data Handling Features

Bindings are an important concept in Vision or Perspective. Bind properties of components to different sources of data: tags, calculations, queries, HTTP. Travis Cox, Co-Director of Sales Engineering walks us through some examples of bindings in the Ignition Designer. Video also covers Transforms, Map Transforms, Format Transforms, Script Transforms, Expression Transforms, Events (component, system, mouse, keyboard, touch, wheel) and Actions (Accelerometer, Alter Logging, Dock, Fullscreen, Login, Logout, Navigation, Popup, Refresh, Scan Barcode, Scan Ndef NFC, Script, Theme)

Video: Perspective Mobile Data Access

Travis Cox from Inductive Automation demos Mobile Device Sensor Data & Ignition Perspective.

Video: Planning Your Perspective Project

Areas of focus include: Design & Layout, Security, Data from Mobile Devices, Target Screens, Define Navigation, Wireframes, Planning for Security, Access Levels, Gateway Data Sources, GPS, Bluetooth, etc.

Video: Using Ignition for Remote Monitoring

Don Pearson and Kevin McClusky from Inductive Automation give an overview of the unlimited licensing model, easy access, security features, and module options that make Ignition an excellent platform for remote monitoring.

Video: Integrators Share Remote Monitoring Use Cases

Keith Gamble from DSI Innovations shows an HVAC and energy consumption SCADA system that uses the Ignition Perspective Module. Esteban Nuñez Varela from NV Tecnologías shows supervision and monitoring screens from a life support system for an aquarium’s exhibition and quarantine areas, which combines the Perspective and Vision modules.

Video: Remote Monitoring Design Tips and Demo

Kevin McClusky from Inductive Automation offers high-level tips for designing an effective remote-monitoring interface and then shows just how quickly you can set up remote monitoring in Ignition.

Video: Ignition Demo: Filling in OEE Data Gaps

Tom Hechtman from Sepasoft uses Ignition, the Sepasoft OEE Downtime Module, and Cirrus Link MQTT Modules to fill in OEE data gaps caused by lost connections. This is a clip from the webinar “Practical IIoT Solutions for Manufacturing”; see the recording and transcript at:

Video: Demo: Sepasoft Business Connector Module for Ignition

This demo is from the webinar 'Get Your ERP & Operational Data Working Together.' Keith Adair from Sepasoft shows how to use this new Business Connector Module. The Business Connector acts as a powerful tool for your global enterprise, via the Ignition gateway network, which connects your Ignition gateways that are placed around the world, you are able to distribute data retrieved from your ERP and transformed by the Business Connector to all the Ignition gateways that make up your global operation. Learn More About Ignition at: Learn More About the Business Connector Module at:

Video: Machine Learning Basics Demo with Sepasoft and Ignition

See Sepasoft's Tom Hechtman using the Business Connector and Web Services Modules to create a machine learning environment in Ignition, with the help of Amazon Sagemaker

Video: Ignition Demo: Launch SCADA Designers Quickly

Kevin McClusky from Inductive Automation shows how quick and easy it is to launch multiple designers, backup and restore projects, and set up new licenses in Ignition. This is a clip from the webinar “Fixing SCADA: How Ignition Reduces Frustration”; see the recording and transcript at:

Video: Ignition Demo: Database-Centric SCADA

Connecting to databases and working with database tables is easy in Ignition, as Kevin McClusky from Inductive Automation demonstrates here. This is a clip from the webinar “Fixing SCADA: How Ignition Reduces Frustration”; see the recording and transcript at:

Video: Ignition Demo: Interoperable SCADA

Kevin McClusky from Inductive Automation shows how easily you can connect Ignition SCADA to practically any device or system, including PLCs, historians, external OPC servers, web services, ERP and more. This is a clip from the webinar “Fixing SCADA: How Ignition Reduces Frustration”; see the recording and transcript at:

Video: The Benefits of Ignition and Bedrock

Topics Covered: Ignition in Water/Wastewater Industry Ignition Application platform Bedrock Automation

Video: Ignition Allows for Easy Access to PLC and Device Data

Use Ignition to collect as much data from as many different sources as possible. Then query it, analyze it, or use it in any way that will benefit the organization.

Video: The Increasing Demand for Data

Big Data, IoT are challenging companies to deal with larger volumes of data and make it actionable.

Video: Connecting SCADA to MES, ERP, and Web Services Data

When SCADA software utilizes SQL databases, getting SCADA and MES to communicate is fairly simple because both systems are speaking the same language. Ignition connects to and collects information at the MES level. Add third-party MES modules to your Ignition platform or easily integrate it with an existing MES system. Then connect to your ERP system.

Video: Ignition Demo - Personalizing Data Aquisition

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