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Chocolate Pick and Place System - Çikolata Dizme Robotu - OMRON ADEPT TECHNOLOGY

İnnovas Makine Mühendislik Ve Danışmanlık Ltd. Şti. Sakarya TURKEY Tel/ Fax: + 90 264 3460474 E-Posta Tel/Fax +90 (264) 346 04 74

From compound to tube, in any format See how Omron PLCs and touch screens are at the heart of solutions developed by Axomatic producing and packaging all types of creams, gels and emulsios.

Omron helps Line Equipment develop more advanced packaging machines Line Equipment Ltd design and manufacture Vertical Form Fill & Seal packaging machines and with our support, the implementation of our software and hardware solutions into their machines has enabled them to bring more advanced products to market.

The great service of 200 tonnes of waste

Italian waste-recycling specialist Ecodeco converts 200 tonnes of urban waste to 9 megawatts of energy per day. This huge amount of electricity is being produced by a large number of electric motors. Ecodeco's plant manager explains how they were able to drastically cut their electricity consumption by installing Omron frequency inverters.

How a reliable partner contributes to your company's success

Solon, a leading solar module producer in Italy, explains how their reliable partnership with Omron contributed to their business success. Interview with the European CEO and Technical Manager, Solon Italy.

Predictive maintenance enables illy to optimise machine availability illycaffè uses predictive maintenance to detect possible causes and possible faults before they occur, and to carry out maintenance on the machines during pre-planned production phases. In this way maximum machine functionality is guaranteed.

Fonmar- temperature controller makes bespoke requirement standard The bespoke temperature control needs of one customer have been incorperated into our latest temperature control offering – the E5GC

New-Motion, developing a gantry robot palletiser Driving innovation supporting the development of a gantry robot palletiser by our customer New-Motion with Omron Insight.

Jomet, cutting edge in a very competitive packaging marketplace Finnish manufacturer Jomet builds comprehensive systems for the packaging industry, from product handling and quality control to labelling, palletizing and wrapping. Working with major online retailers, Jomet faces continuing demands for innovative solutions, and with Omron's help they are creating machines that are fast and reliable, and which deliver beyond the end-users' expectations.

Serialization realized for pharma producers, re-packers and CMO's A serialization solution compliant to 2011/62/EU optimized for medium sized pharmaceutical companies, re-packers and CMOs, developed in cooperation between Prestige Packaging, Rea Printing and Omron.